Hello, we're Agile6s.

The single source-of-truth for all of your task data.

Your issue tracking applications like Jira, Assana, Trello and Github capture valuable data. However, the data is often siloed.

Agile6s liberates your task data, combines it with organisational structures and goals to show you what you need to know.


Remove confusion with a single source-of-truth

All of your team's information in one place. No need to ask people to enter their tasks' status into a clunky spreadsheet. Make reporting across multiple projects quick and easy. Identify potential problems quickly, prioritise and allocate resources with confidence.

Use the best tracking tools - it's your choice

Why should developers and marketing feel constrained to use the same tracking tool?

Don't make compromises. Your team can choose the best tools for their work.

Explore to discover insights and value

Integrating your peoples' roles and reporting structures means you can view problems from multiple viewpoints, and make informed prioritisation and allocation decisions.

Reduce noise. Get transparency.

A single source-of-truth makes life easier.

  • Improved communication
  • Easy BI integration
  • Timely data
  • Reduced validation effort

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BHAGs, Big Rocks, Flywheels or OKRs?

Agile6s works with all the main key initiative frameworks - supporting what works for you to help your teams strive for greatness!


Remind people what's important

Sometimes it's easier to do the quick tasks over the important task.

Use our centralised key initiatives tagging system to help people to curate and prioritise tasks and most importantly align their efforts.

Monitoring is key

Get that 30,000 foot view of your organisation's progress against it's goals with our integrated insight's suite.

Don't feel like you are the last to know of any slippage.

Awesome Features

Identity and access management

Protect your organisation's IP with secure access management.

Issue tracking product integrations

Integrate with ease your favourite issue tracking applications.

Line management reporting

Access important information about a functional line team members efficiently.

Key initiative focus

Tag any issue connected to a key initiative automatically. Remind people what is important.

Business intelligence connectivity

Connect to your favourite BI application.


Automated alerts via email or direct messaging application. More than 60 notification approaches available, including Slack, MS Teams and SMS.


Analyse historical records to find better ways of doing things.

Executive dashboards

30,000 foot view of your organisation's progress.

Direct messaging connectivity

Team messaging application integration. Stay updated with alerts and messages.

Multiple installation options

Cloud or on premise installations.

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